How to Build a Winning Hand in Life

Card CollageCourse Overview

Participants will take part in an energetic classroom lecutre and discussion format. This course will be a hybrid course with an online component that allows them to build their own profile, take assessments, and work on specific problem areas. Classroom participation will allow class members to hear the progress of other members and allow them to ask specific questions. The course gives access to the Virtual Life Coaching website

Week One: Getting Started with Your Personality Assessment

Week Two: Performing Your Life Assessment

Week Three: How Does Your Personality Affect Your Decision-making

Week Four: Utilizing the Decision Wheel & Action Planning

Week Five: Finding Your Purpose and Inner Motivation

Week Six: Finding Favor/ How to Solicit the Help You Need

Week Seven: Risk versus Adventure and Reputation Building

Week Eight: Improving Your Self Esteem/ Health/ Appearance

Week Nine: Improving Cash Flowing and Developing Financial Security

Week Ten: Consider Your Location and Gain Order

Week Eleven: Putting Time on Your Side

Week Twelve: Finding & Maintaining Genuine Love

Week Thirteen: Bone Pile Assessment and Wrap-up

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