Life not For Chance

Life not For Chance is the human services component of Winning Life Strategies. We support food banks, drug rehab programs, and other community nonprofits to provide help to find and resolve personal problems for those who may not be able to afford life coaching.

Scholarships and Grants are available to help defray the cost to non-profit organizations.

Host an event and get a 25% discount on user fees.

What to Expect From A Life not For Chance Event

The Life not For Chance program begins with a Life Assessment to determine where a person is feeling stress.

Second a Personality Assessment helps them to identify the feelings that are driving their decisions and develop new strategies to make the best choices.

A Thirteen week course provides step by step strategies to overcome Life’s most challenging issues like:

  • Discovering Life Purpose
  • Developing a Risk Management Plan
  • Evaluating and Improving Living Conditions
  • Improving Cash Flow
  • Gaining Order in the Home and Personal Life
  • Developing Time Management Skills
  • Improving Self Esteem
  • Improving Appearance
  • Improving Health through Nutrition and Exercise
  • Developing People Skills
  • Improving A Damaged Reputation
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Building Financial Security

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