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Keith is a life long resident of North Georgia where he has raised his family. His community involvement includes coaching youth sports, health awareness programs, life skills counseling, and conflict resolution. He is currently the lead developer of and Director of Winning Life Strategies.

Keith is a great listener and creative in developing strategies and action plans to get you moving in the right direction. He understands that uncovering your deep emotional needs can give you insight to understand your past decisions and a road map for your future decisions.

Keith shares his passion to help others overcome the challenges that he has personally went through. He lends an understanding ear to those who have experienced financial loss, divorce, or a damaged reputation.

Keith is available to assist you with a life assessment, personality assessment, or developing an action plan.

Life Assessment

There are thirteen areas of life that can make you happy of sad. Everything that can make you happy can also make you sad. For example, Cash is King, having a positive cash flow makes you happy while the lack of it makes you sad. Each of these essential elements have been tied to one of the thirteen cards in a suit (Ace, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King). The life assessment allows you to evaluate which cards you are missing and causing you not to have the best life possible. All are missing some cards. The more cards you are missing the more stress you will feel.

Personality Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to help you identify your dominate personality trait. We all want and need to be loved but loved is defined differently by each person. The four dimensions of love are Recognition, Acceptance, Security, and Significance. We need all four of these but because of our life experiences one will become our focus and will shape all of our decisions.

Developing an Action Plan

If you are like most people, you are good at solving problems. Especially if they are not your own. There is a reason why your perception is clearer when you are dealing with problems that you have no emotional attachment to. Feelings are powerful influencers when it comes to making decisions. While feelings enable us to enjoy and experience life, your feelings will lead you to the wrong conclusion most of the time. If you only went to work when you felt like it you might lose your job. If you ate anything you felt like eating you might lose you health.

At the core of your being you want to be loved and you want to love. Love means different things to different people. There are four basic dimensions of love and we desire to experience all of them. However, your personal life experiences will cause one of these to become so important that it influences every decision you make. That influence can be both positive and negative.

It’s positive because it has shaped your personality and become a motivation for you to achieve your purpose in life and become stronger. It’s negative because focusing on one dimension of love distorts your perception and causes you to have blind spots.

Life Coaches help you to see your blind spots and work through problems by identifying the problem and applying best available solutions sets to achieve a successful outcome.

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