How Virtual Life Coaching can help you discover your Purpose in Life

Ace / PurposeWhen you think about the big questions in life, one of the big ones is:

What am I here for?

What should I do with my life that can make a difference? For a few that became clear early in life while for most they want more clarity to know where to best put their energy. Many have said that if you discover your passion, work will seem like play because you are doing what you enjoy.

One point of clarity is that everything with a purpose was intended to solve a problem. A hammer has a clear purpose. It is part of a fastening system to join two pieces of wood together. It solves the problem of attaching one object to another in a secure manner. When you think about the purposes of people, what problems can you solve? Doctors solve medical problems, lawyers solve legal problems, and in the same way you are intended to solve a problem for someone.

Consider the following questions to determine if you have found your life purpose:

  • Have you discovered a problem that you are good at solving?
  • Is there someone or some type of person whom you have a desire to solve a problem for?
  • Do you have a vision for how you might accomplish your area of service?
  • Do you have a plan on when you will serve in this capacity?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, let’s start the journey to discovering your life purpose.

Virtual Life Coaching

To begin your Virtual Life Coaching Experience at askjester, the premier virtual life coaching site, you will want to create an account if you have not already done so.

If you have already joined, login to access your profile. Prior to starting on any one area, you should complete the Life Assessment quiz. This will let you know what areas you need to focus on. It is best to start with the Ace, advance in numerical value, and complete one area at a time. You only need to complete those areas where your Life Assessment quiz indicated you are missing that card.

Select Focus Area

If you are ready to begin, finding your Life Purpose set your focus area to Purpose by updating your Journal in the Navigation Panel. The benefit of focusing on one area at a time will improve your success of completing the program and finding lasting results. You will receive your Coaching Points for Purpose through your email.

Each of the following articles reveal some of the clues that have been given to you to reveal your purpose. Each article contains action steps that you will want to complete before proceeding to the next article. To view these article you must create an account.

How Your Strengths Reveal Your Purpose

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How Your Allies Reveal Your Purpose

How Your Enemies Contribute to Your Purpose

Our goal is to help you understand your feelings, give you new insights and steps to transform your thoughts, and to help you take actions that will give you a positive and lasting change.

Let’s get started,


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