Got to Get to!

What do you do when you are faced with a task that you dread?

Do you put it off?

Do you trudge forward with agony?

Dread is usually something that we don’t want to do or enjoy doing but we know is important. Dread is your friend. It is the normal feeling when your wiser self is telling you what to focus on next. The problem is that dread can be immobilizing and cause us to bring less than our best.

How can you transform dread into something to empower you to be and do your best?

Dread means you got to. What if you transform your got to into a get to. I recently talked with a teacher dreading going back to school after a break. I reminded them that they get to go back. Going back is an opportunity to make a difference in a student. It is moving them closer to the retirement they were so looking forward to. You literally don’t have to do anything. You do what is best for you and those you care about. Realizing that getting to is a privilege.

Who would love to take your place. For the teacher their is a college student graduating and beginning their search for a job. They would love to have yours.

Think of when you started out in your career. Would you want to start over. The truth is that you have accomplished a lot and endured a lot to get where you are.

How could a change In attitude or perspective help you find new motivation.

Remember that you drive your feelings based on what you choose to focus on.

Refocus yourself. Be glad for the get to in front of you and GET GOING!

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